2014 Callaway Silverado Price

2014 Callaway Silverado comes with a lot of updates, including the new charger, computer mapping and several other electrical updates. In this model year we also can see a lot more additional features that come with this model, but the body and the exterior styling is kept almost the same as in previous model years. Callaway now has big plans and it already is revoking another General Motors model. Soon we will see Corvette Stingray Aerowagon redesigned by this company, and this is going to be the meanest looking Corvette on the market. Since Chevrolet is not planing to compete with Ford in high performance truck class, we can also expect another Callaway revamp with even bigger and more powerful Silverado in the future.

2014 Callaway Silverado side

2014 Callaway Silverado Exterior and Interior

Before we start writing about this model it is necessary to mention several updates that Chevy Silverado came with for 2014 model year. New Chevy comes with much more muscular and sporty look than before, and it also changed several engines in its Silverado range. Callaway didn’t make to many exterior changes on this model, there are several Callaway badges on the body of the truck and some off-road and suspension packages. Buyers have also an ability to choose bigger wheels and tires and some body modifications. This model also offers several suspension packages.


2014 Callaway Silverado Interior inside

2014 Callaway Silverado Interior

When it comes to interior, 2014 Callaway Silverado is mostly unchanged. Although there are several interior modifications that are offered with this model that come as additional options, base version is almost the same as the regular Silverado. This means it comes with two tone interior design and very basic material quality. In the base version we can see a vinyl upholstery, hard plastic and soft touch material mixture all around the cabin. New model also comes with 7 inch infotainment display, that has several updates in the new model year that include computer mapping and the new 3D navigation. It also has a brand new telematics and several new outlet sockets together with the mobile phone wireless charger.

2014 Callaway Silverado rear

Performance of 2014 Callaway Silverado

Performance segment is the thing for what Callaway Silverado 2014 is famous for. This company successfully installed its new supercharger engine, so the new Silverado comes with 5,3 liter Eco-Tec engine and it also has some electrical updates that tuned the engine to the highest possible output. Just to compare regular Silverado comes with wide range of engines that go from 4,3 liter V6 to 6,2 liter V8, but none of these engines is turbo or supercharged. Callaway decided to remake the 5,3 and 6,2 liter versions. When it comes to output this is going to be the most powerful Callaway remake of Silverado or Sierra in history and the 5,3 liter version will come with 450 horsepower, while 6,2 liter version will reach incredible 540 horsepower. New engines will come with variable valve timing and direct injection.

2014 Callaway Silverado engine

2014 Callaway Silverado Price

2014 Callaway Silverado will be probably sold for the price of regular Silverado, plus the additional $18,000 for the Callaway tuning kit. Regular Silverado prices vary from $25,000 for the regular cab to $29,000 and $33,000 for the double and crew cab. Callaway also plans to make supercharged versions of some other GM cars like: Chevy Tahoe, GMC Denali, Cadillac Escalade etc. There are also rumors that this company is interested in updating Chevy Suburban and GMC Yukon as well. We still don’t know the price of these models or their specs. We should expect at least 100 more horsepower for each model and at least $15,000 for the supercharge package. Callaway Silverado is already available in the showrooms and these other models will probably arrive one each year and we can expect them to debut on bigger American car shows.

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