2016 Ford F-450 Platinum Specs and Price

For each category there is a certain vehicle driver’s license. This will be the word about the 2016 Ford F-450 Platinum, and it can not drive without a commercial permit. That is it for you to be quite ordinary license. Commercial license is intended for those who drive trucks and vehicles that are by their weight 4,087 kg and apparently Ford F-450 Platinum 2016 is not far away from all this. What makes this model special is that it has great comfort and convenience, and you will notice that you have some weight to the vehicle or trailer if it is loaded. This is what sets it apart from the rest.

2016 Ford F-450 Platinum rear

2016 Ford F-450 Platinum Design

When it comes to equipment at Platinum model is on the list of everything that is at the other. It offers a really great choice for potential buyers who need a model like this. The interior of the vehicle is not at the top of the list or not premium as with some other models. Plastic owned by the interior is almost no defect when the trees like a cheap imitation. This is particularly true when it comes to the vehicle which is intended for workers and therefore it is understood that there is no room for luxury.

2016 Ford F-450 Platinum front side

Engine of 2016 Ford F-450 Platinum

The driving force of the 2016 Ford F-450 Platinum is what is the most interesting related to this model. Under the hood we find do not believe maybe even the best developed Powerstroke diesel engine that Ford has managed to produce so far. The size of the engine is the 6.7L V8 and using it can be made even 440 horsepower and it’s a lot more compared to his relatives and pickups that are in that range. We should certainly mention that and torque of 1,116 Nm and 15 tons is advisable to carry the burden. When you take into account the amount of cargo that the vehicle can carry it a lot more than you could previously a model Chevrolet Silverado 3500 horsepower and 3500 HD Ram. And it does not end because of Ford say this truck can carry far more, but due to factory warranty has not been officially charged.


2016 Ford F-450 Platinum grill

Consumption and Acceleration

As each vehicle probably has a flaw and 2016 Ford F-450 Platinum, it is impossible to be perfect. We would say that this is a flaw emphasizes his weight. It’s about his weight, which at high load has to Autopun consumption of about 17 liters per 100 km. If we have made a comparison with a representative Chevrolet we should mention that he spends three liters less but it is also about half a ton easier. Simply stated again the spending side of the Ford-450. It is important to say that it shows its strength where needed. Acceleration is very good and it is some 100 km/h for 17 seconds or for a full second faster than the Silverado.

2016 Ford F-450 Platinum engine

Price of 2016 Ford F-450 Platinum

When it comes to cost or price list of 2016 Ford F-450 Platinum, this matter is different. Everything depends on the level of equipment by the model. If you decide to use a basic variant in this case should allocate $53,000. If you want something more with the equipment that is added to the price can reach even up to 76,000 dollars.

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