2016 Ford Ranger Review USA

Even though Ranger is designed by Ford, it has never actually been released in the US. Ford was afraid that Ranger might jeopardize sales of the F-150, because they are very similar and belong to the same class. They didn’t want to cannibalize F-150, the best-selling truck in the US. However, when they saw sales figures of pickup trucks manufactured by other automakers, they decided to offer 2016 Ford Ranger to the North Americans and announced that several months ago. Although, Ranger resembles F-150, there is actually a huge difference between these two, especially under the hood. It is most likely that new Ranger won’t become a leader on the market, but we don’t doubt it will be one of the most popular trucks. Company planned everything carefully and has done numerous tests since 2013. Therefore, in order to be more competitive they had to make two major changes -better engine and lighter platform. In other words, they decreased the overall weight and used more powerful engine hence we have more power and better fuel efficiency. These two characteristics are the main advantages of the new Ford Ranger 2016. Of course, there is much more, thus check this article to find out everything.

2016 Ford Ranger rear

Exterior apperance of 2016 Ford Ranger,back is cargo space.

ENGINE Ford Ranger 2016

New 2016 Ford Ranger is coming with three different engine options – one petrol engine and two diesel engines. Base engine is 2.2l Duratorq four-cylinder TDCi which has an output of 285 pound-feet of torque (385 Nm) and 118kW (160 HP). Ford assumed this engine will please majority of the customers but still decided to offer two more options. The second option is Duratec 3.2l five-cylinder TDCi engine unit. This engine is able to produce 200 HP and 345 lb-ft of torque. Finally, petrol engine is 2.5l Duratec that delivers 165 HP and 165 lb-ft of torque.

All three have different power figures, towing capacity and fuel consumption thus you must choose it carefully. Driving system is either AWD or RWD with six-speed automatic or manual transmission. Fuel efficiency of all three engines has been enhanced due to improvement in Automatic Start-Stop technology. Ford Ranger 2016 is for 3.5% more efficient than previous model.

2016 Ford Ranger engine

Engine of 2016 Ford Ranger


2016 Ford Ranger that is going to be to the North American market will be smaller in size than his brother overseas. Frame is going to be made from steel and grille will be much smaller. Even though it resembles F-150 a little bit, it is easy to spot differences at the first sight. First of all, Ranger is not a luxurious vehicle hence it won’t have dazzling interior but cabin will comfortable. Standard touch panel has 4.2 inches but you can also find 8-inch touch screen in some trim levels, which has navigation, as well. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB connection have become standard. Comparing to its brother overseas, American Ranger will have better safety systems in order to meet US regulations.

These regulations are far stricter than those in Europe and other parts of the world thus Ford had to put additional effort and installed: trailer-sway control, stability control and anti-lock brakes. In addition, there are numerous air-bags all over the place. One of the features that haven’t been confirmed yet is blind spot camera which comes in handy during parking in narrow places. In conclusion, it seems that 2016 Ford Ranger, which is going to be offered to American market, generally has better characteristics than Ranger on other markets.

Images of Ford Ranger

2016 Ford Ranger side

2016 Ford Ranger interior

2016 Ford Ranger instrument

2016 Ford Ranger grille


There is no precise estimation about the price but everyone agrees it will be in range between $20,000 and $40,000. 2016 Ford Ranger is probably going to be launched sometime around New Year thus we must be patient and hold our horses before we see it on the streets.

For more information try to read something on Ford Ranger 2016

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