2016 Mercedes G500 4×4 Price, Squared

Mercedes in not known as a manufacturer of the off-road vehicles, but this year they decided to surprise us with 2016 Mercedes G500 4×42. This doesn’t mean this vehicle is coming with 64 wheels, but Mercedes-Benz took eye-catching name in order to attract enough attention. New 2016 Mercedes G500 4×4 takes after G63 AMG 6×6 but there is one huge difference – engine unit. The G63 AMG 6×6 uses 5.5l biturbo eight-cylinder which is more powerful but we don’t doubt the 4.0l will meet demands of the customers.

Perhaps it doesn’t have eye-catching design, but the purpose of the Mercedes G500 4×4 2016 (and majority of off-road vehicles) is not to be pretty but strong and useful. Several months ago we had a chance to read the first info about it and in March, on Geneva Auto Show, it was officially presented. Thanks to Mercedes-Benz’s decision not to keep things off record, we can now enjoy beautiful pictures and to make a review.

2016 Mercedes G500 4x4 side

Exterior apperance of 2016 Mercedes G500 4×4.

ENGINE of 2016 Mercedes G500 4×4

As you read in the first paragraph, 2016 Mercedes G500 4×4 won’t have as powerful engine as 6×6, but still is more powerful than before. There will be only one engine option, the 4.0l biturbo V8 which can deliver 422 HP and 450 lb-ft of torque. It is around 40 HP and 60 lb-of torque more than previous engine, 5.5l V8, delivered. It is important to mention that this engine also meets Euro 6 regulations, the newest regulation in this field. It is made of aluminum alloy and comes with cylinder walls that have friction-reducing Nanoslide coating made by Daimler. There are no speculations about the acceleration, but it is most likely new 2016 Mercedes G500 4×42 will be able to reach 60 mph in less than seven seconds. Even though it is heavier than before and has bigger wheels, thanks to the engine it is able to be so fast. Height of the suspensions has been increased and stability has been enhanced hence you won’t have problem driving this vehicle off-road. All-wheel driving system is the only available option and it will have seven-speed automatic gearbox.


2016 Mercedes G500 4x4 grille

Front side of 2016 Mercedes G500 4×4 grille,

INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR of 2016 Mercedes G500 4×4

When you compare it to the previous model, you won’t see the difference at the first sight. However, it taller and much more convenient for the off-road drive thanks to new suspensions. Two wheel packages will be offered. One package will be more suitable for street ride, while the other will be all-terrain package. Generally, exterior will be altered. On the other hand, interior will resemble G63 AMG 6×6 and it will have loads of equipment. Desingo Exclusive package could be seen in several vehicles manufactured by Mercedes and they decided to implement it in 2016 Mercedes G500 4×4. It comes with head rests, heated seats, navigation, seat bolsters and door-mounted armrests. On the dashboard there is a center console which is used for controlling most of the features inside the cabin. Seats are wrapped in microfiber as well as the door panels and they are all in diamond-quilted pattern.

2016 Mercedes G500 4x4 inside

2016 Mercedes G500 4×4 inside.

2016 Mercedes G500 4×4 PRICE AND COMPETITION

Perhaps the biggest opponent of the Mercedes G500 4×4 2016 is Land Rover Defender. This truck is one of the best off-road vehicles but this year it won’t face any significant transformation and, as far as we are concerned, design is a little bit outdated. Even the engine unit produces less power and torque thus we don’t believe it will have significant market share this year. The biggest advantage of Defender over 4×4 is the price. Defender can be found for $35,600 while new G500 4×42 will cost $115,000. On the other hand, 2016 Mercedes G500 4×4 is fully equipped for an off-road drive hence when you are on the open road you don’t need to worry and just enjoy the ride.

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