Ural Next, Russia’s Most Extreme Off-Road Work Truck

It is most likely that you have never heard of the industrial group Basic Element, but GAZ group, which is part of the Basic Element, is probably the name you have come across, especially if you like to read about new high-tech trucks. GAZ Group announced new member of the NEXT family – Ural Next. This truck hasn’t come out to the market but there is plenty of info about this truck on the Web thanks to the press releases of the officials at the company. Ural Next is going to be a top notch vehicle. In the press releases comfort and reliability were in focus. Cutting edge technology is implemented and high-quality materials are used all over the place. Ural Next got a nickname “Russia’s Most Extreme Off-Road Work Truck”, and when you take a look at the pictures you can see the reasons why it is considered to be the most extreme. Ergonomics are marvelous and all components meet international standards for quality.

Ural Next side


Engineers invested a lot of time in redesigned a chassis in order to increase the overall performance of the car. According to some experts this part of the car faced more than 50 modifications. Chassis’ capacity has been increased for 1 ton and it is 13 tons in total. Also, load capacity went from 5.3 tons and 6.5 tons which is increase more than 20%. The gross vehicle weight is approximately 22.5 tons, which is way more tons than before. One of the things that have also been increased is a towing capacity. Naturally, if you have truck with more load capacity, you need more lb-ft of torque. Transportation companies usually worry about fuel consumption, because they try to reduce transportation costs to a minimum. Luckily, with Ural Next they don’t need to worry about this aspect due to improvement in fuel efficiency. Comparing to its predecessor, new Ural Next is 8% more efficient. Engine unit is known as YaMZ-536 diesel and it comes with three different outputs: 240 HP, 285 HP and 312 HP. However, towing capacity is more important than power thus 240 HP engine will deliver the goods.

Ural Next grille


Reliability and durability are on a very high level thanks to stronger chassis and other improvements. Safety wasn’t neglected and handling, as well. Thanks to the reinforced frame driver’s safety is much better than before. With new handling mechanism, steering is easier than before, steering effort has been significantly reduced and maintenance costs, as well. When it comes to safety we would like to put braking system under spotlight. Even though they have never got any complaints about this system, company decided to upgrade this aspect and offer off-road work truck with a reliable breaking system.

Ural Next


Although, outlook is not the most important aspect of an off-road truck, we should not neglect it. Designers know they must create a truck which seems reliable at the first sight. Also, cabin is important to be convenient for the driver and all others inside. Ural Next is equipped with three seats that provide comfort for every passenger. However, only driver’s seat has air suspension. Cabin is has enough space to accommodate all three passengers so everyone will find the ride convenient. It has very easy access due to wide steps. The front part has been redesigned and modernized but still has recognizable look of all previous Ural’s trucks. Grille comes with vertical bars and metal buffer is placed at the front. Some of the inner features are heated mirrors, electric windows and heated fuel intakes.


On the press release it is announced Ural Next, Russia’s Most Extreme Off-Road Work Truck, will come to the market in the second half of 2015.

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