2015 Dodge Power Wagon Diesel For Sale Interior Specs

2015 Dodge Power Wagon Diesel is also one of the most wanted vehicles on the market and here is article about this car. Power Wagon is an iconic name for Ram, especially since it has been used for at least the past 50 years. The current model of the Power Wagon is a special edition of the 2500HD model, so it comes with the usual heavy duty parts as well as with an improved running gear and a special engine. However, unfortunately Ram did not offer their iconic truck with a diesel and instead they opted for the 6.4 liter petrol V8.

This is fine for off-road use or light towing work but the diesel is usually more reliable as well as it does provide better fuel consumption and a lot more torque. Luckily though, not too long ago an insider from Ram stated that their Power Wagon could receive a diesel if they solve some of the problems they had with the initial concept.

2015 Dodge Power Wagon Diesel side

2015 Dodge Power Wagon Diesel Review Specs

While this may seem a bit farfetched, it is actually closer than we thought so even though the 2015 Dodge Power Wagon diesel, mpg, review, specs and design are not out just yet, the production truck will likely be based on either the current model or on the future generation of the Ram 2500HD. In the latter case, the truck could get an aluminum body, a new chassis and a new look with a better aerodynamic coefficient. These changes could push the average fuel consumption above 20 MPG and it could make the diesel Power Wagon one of the best, if not the best, heavy duty truck on the US market without making any significant compromises.

2015 Dodge Power Wagon Diesel front side

Just like with the current model, the truck will come with uprated suspension which will be able to withstand a lot of abuse, new brakes, aluminum wheels wrapped in all terrain tires, unique color combinations as well as a better than average interior with standard leather upholstery, satellite navigation, climate control and even a surround audio system which will also get a dedicated subwoofer.

2015 Dodge Power Wagon Diesel back

2015 Dodge Power Wagon Diesel interior

Under the hood – engine specs

Just as we said, Ram had a few diesel contenders to go in their Power Wagon but the inline 6 was just too long, the EcoDiesel was not as powerful as they wanted while the Cummins V8 which they developed before the crisis was out of their reach and it was not a worthy upgrade over the 6.4 liter V8. There are some rumors out there which suggest that VM Motori could actually make a specifically designed V8 diesel for the PowerWagon and for the upcoming 2500 and 3500HD trucks.

2015 Dodge Power Wagon Diesel would be loosely based on the 3 liter EcoDiesel V6 but it could be a 4 liter V8 or 5 liter V10 twin turbocharged diesel. This engine could easily provide up to 450 horsepower and more than 1000 lb-ft of torque reliably which is actually more than the current inline 6. On top of that, it would be significantly lighter and it would also need a lighter transmission. This means that the truck will use less fuel, it will be able to tow more and it will also be easier to maintain.

2015 Dodge Power Wagon Diesel front grille

2015 Dodge Power Wagon Diesel front

2015 Dodge Power Wagon Diesel Price and Release Date

So far, we don’t have any official information about the 2015 Dodge Power Wagon diesel, mpg, review, specs or even pictures but we do know what diesel engines Ram has in their inventory and what they could do with this unreleased truck. The price of the diesel version of the Power Wagon should be around 15% higher than that of its petrol engined counterpart, meaning it could start at roughly $63,000 which is actually quite good for the combined package. The release date on the other hand is likely going to be some time in the late 2015 or early 2016 with the showroom availability starting as late as 2017.


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