2015 Ford F-450 Platinum Review and Sale

Two years ago Ram introduced new truck to the market which has taken one small piece of the market share held by Ford. We guess that people at Ford were furious and thus they immediately decided to take extra mile and get back on track. When experts put Ram 3500 with Ford F-450 side by side it was obvious that Ram 3500 has much better towing capacity, one of the most characteristics when it comes to trucks in this class. Ford was known as the leader in terms of towing capacity but after 2016 Ram 3500 debut, things have been changed. As a result of this situation engineers put a lot of effort to create more powerful Ford F-450.

Therefore, they created a vehicle which is known as 2015 Ford F-450 Platinum. Towing capacity was in focus several things were neglected, such as fuel consumption, but the main goal was to create a truck which will have more than 30,000lbs. Previous models didn’t exceed 24,000lbs hence this was the big step for Ford and it took a lot of time to come up with a perfect design. Of course, new truck comes with new changes in the outlook and a different engine.


2015 Ford F-450 Platinum side

2015 Ford F-450 Platinum ENGINE HORSEPOWER

Enhanced towing capacity requires engine that has more horses, thus the 6.7 liter Power Stroke was the perfect choice. This engine is used in all Super Duty vehicles manufactured this year. In order to get additional power the 6.7l comes with turbocharger. Horsepower and torque figures haven’t been published yet, but there are some rumors they will be approximately 425 horsepower and 875 lb-ft of torque. It won’t be too much better than Ram but it will have more towing capacity. 2015 Ford F-450 Platinum comes with six-speed TorqShift transmission system, something that hasn’t been changed for a while. New F-450 was tested in California at the NASA center, where it was towing the space shuttle without any problem. So far, this has been the most powerful truck manufactured by Ford and probably the most powerful pickup truck ever to hit the US roads.

2015 Ford F-450 Platinum

INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR OF 2015 Ford F-450 Platinum

2015 Ford F-450 Platinum will face significant changes in terms of exterior and interior. This truck will be more aerodynamic and aggressive than before. However, this doesn’t mean it has great aerodynamics. There is no truck on the market for which you can say it has good aerodynamics. Huge chrome grille is placed at the front and headlights have been refreshed. Fog lights come in handy when the visibility is not so clear. In general, weight will be reduced but we are not certain how much. 2015 Ford F-450 Platinum won’t be cheap and one of the reasons is interior which is equipped with high-quality materials. It is able to conveniently accommodate two passengers at the front, and three more at the back. Seats are carefully designed and designers tried to create seats that will provide maximum comfort for passengers after a tough work. New Ford F-450 Platinum 2016 has also plenty of standard features, such as infotainment system, rearview camera, hands-free calling, great audio system, and much more. It is able to provide comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Exterior and Interior Images

2015 Ford F-450 Platinum interior

2015 Ford F-450 Platinum rear

2015 Ford F-450 Platinum instrument table

2015 Ford F-450 Platinum cargo space

2015 Ford F-450 Platinum rear side

PRICE of 2015 Ford F-450 Platinum

There are numerous speculations when it comes to price. You can get different info from different sources, but one thing is sure Ford F-450 Platinum 2015 will cost an arm and a leg. It is high-flier in the class of pickup trucks in the North American market thus it is quite reasonable to be expensive. The majority of experts predict the price will be around $52,000, but there are some estimations it will go up to $70,000. One way or another, 2015 Ford F-450 Platinum won’t be affordable for the middle class.

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