2015 Ford Transit Connect

2015 Ford Transit Connect is one of the most useful Ford vehicles. It can be used in several different ways from business to parenting. It is hard to place this vehicle in some of the regular classes, but it is somewhere in between wagon and the van. It also has some mini-van characteristics, and it comes with much more futuristic styling than most of the vehicles in the classes we mentioned. Basically we can call this vehcile’s release the attempt from Ford to bring this almost standard fleet van closer to the mainstream market. It is somewhere in between C Max model which is actually a hybrid hatchback and regular Transit model that is standard fleet van. It also comes with several influences especially when it comes to exterior styling from Ford Escape crossover.

2015 Ford Transit Connect side

2015 Ford Transit Connect Exterior and Interior

When it come to exterior styling 2015 Ford Transit Connect comes with really intelligent styling that is much better than any other van or mini-va in its class. When it comes to sportiveness it can even compete with some of the good looking station wagon vehicles. It comes with 5 doors with two being sliding ones and for the vehicles of this size it comes with really nice visibility. Its line looks very dynamic and in the front some of the most prominent parts of the exterior are the trapezoid shaped grille and F Series look alike headlights.

2015 Ford Transit Connect rear side

There are several versions of 2015 Ford Transit Connect to choose concerning the interior styling. Passenger oriented version is the most expensive one and it comes with enough space for 8 passengers. On the other hand cargo version comes with much more space and the space for three passengers in the bench seat in the first and the only row. Although Ford is trying to get close to the mainstream with this model, don’t expect anything too luxurious. New model will come with cloth upholstery, satellite radio, but no infotainment system or display and no dual zone climate control. It will come with regular air conditioning, simplified SYNC 2 telematics and several outlet sockets. When it comes to materials, buyers shouldn’t expect something revolutionary since this is just another van anyway. It comes with a lot of hard plastics, especially in cargo version, and the passenger version comes with nice carpentry that comes as a replacement for soft touch materials.

2015 Ford Transit Connect interior

2015 Ford Transit Connect seats

Performance of 2015 Ford Transit

Performance segment is the most interesting part of this vehicle. Although being a van 2015 Ford Transit provides great power and maneuverability, that can match some much less commercial station wagons. There are two engine options, one of which being the base version’s 2,5 liter four cylinder that I able to produce 169 horsepower. Another engine is the smaller, but turbocharged 1,6 liter four cylinder EcoBoost. This small beast can produce almost 180 horsepower and it can reach 22 mpg fuel economy in the city conditions and 29 on the highway. This is one of the fastest vans out there. It is able to be very fast and maneuverable even with the payload on the back and the same goes for passenger version, that comes with much better suspension and it is more comfortable than the commercial fleet Transit Connect.

2015 Ford Transit Connect


2015 Ford Transit Connect is not an expensive van. It can be bought for only $22,300 for the base version, which is meant for cargo only. Another trim level that comes with powerliftgate and some other addition al features can be bought for $23,885 and this is the highest trim level, while buyers are also able to buy passenger version that is significantly more expensive, but at this moment Ford haven’t released its prices yet. This is definitely going to be one of the most popular vans in the future when Transit range replaces Ford Econline.

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