2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S

The new 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S has finally been unveiled and we were impressed with what we have seen. Once you see it yourself, you will immediately conclude that it is not designed only for hauling cargo, it is more than that. There are several good reasons why a utilitarian vehicle like this one is a piece of perfection and we will soon check its specifications in detail. The vehicle represents a perfect combination of the functionality and capacity of the Sprinter and excellent power expected from the Mercedes-AMG GT S. This kind of vehicle is mainly used to carry cargo, but you will soon find out why we think that it can offer more than that.

2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S front side

Under the hood

One of the most amazing and surprising details about the 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S is that it has an outstandingly powerful engine under its bonnet. It is powered by the latest version of the 4.0-liter biturbo V8. This engine enables you to get the maximum output of 503 horsepower yes you have read it right, 503 horsepower. There is no information related to the torque and highest speed, but this is definitely an excellent performance for this kind of vehicle. The Sprinter 63 S will carry you and your goods fast. The supposed acceleration of the car is from naught to 96 km/h in only 5.3 seconds.

2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S front grille

If only the 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S wasn’t an April Fools tag. Yes, year after year carmakers use the first of April as a great excuse for teasing and taunting enthusiast and we call the 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S the cruelest tease. Well, since the company pulled the wraps of the vehicle on the first of April, we should have known immediately that it is an automaker’s way of teasing the automotive media. It is a real shame, because the Sprinter 63 S would be an excellent vehicle for sure. But, let us be realistic and admit the fact that driving any performance van with more than 500 horses output and putting the foot down would mean billows of tire smoke from the rear and front axles.

2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S rear

Design of 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S

You are probably disappointed by the fact that the Sprinter 63 S won’t actually hit the market but here are other details that will make you wish that the vehicle becomes a reality. Unlike other vehicles of this kind, the Sprinter 63 S has an outstandingly appealing and aggressive design. It has an excellently designed single bar grille on the front fascia which ensures a powerful appearance. The grille houses the recognizable logo of the company. There is also a sporty lower air intake that contributes to the powerful look of the van. The rear diffuser of the car is flanked by a four-tailpipe exhaust system.

2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S inside

The vehicle 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S has an excellently designed set of wheels. The hood of the vehicle also has an interesting and unusual design. Well, it definitely has some of the design cues which put the distance between it and other vehicles of its kind on the market. There is no information regarding interior design of the car and it is quite understandable because well, why the company would waste its precious time on the vehicle that won’t even appear on the market.

2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S

2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S Release Date

As you have already concluded, the 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 63 S won’t appear on the market at all. The carmaker only released a joke a day before April Fools just to attract the attention of audience and make them excited. Well, it would have been more realistic if the vehicle was based on 4×4 models but yet nice try Mercedes.

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