2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab City Price, Specs

One of the most respected, the most popular from around the world pick up truck the vehicle comes from a company that is Toyota Hilux famous. Here we will process a model as a referral for something that could occur as newer. Let it be a 2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab City with reference to any of the predecessors. We should also say that he had been present on the market since 1968 and managed through seven generations to prove their skills in a variety of difficult terrain situations. Latest generation in sales since 2008 and is now before us with a slight redesign of the vehicle and it is worth to mention the reason.

2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab City rear

2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab City Exterior and Interior

It would be good to start with the outside part and for dimensions length 5260 x 1835 x 1850 mm. Since it is a Double Cab versions assume that there may be plenty of room. And of course you are right. Five passengers can easily be stored and still remain space. Of course those who sit in the back will not have too comfortable ride if you are accustomed to some sedans because here’s the thing a little different, this is still a sport utility vehicle. This has immediately supplements in relation to the inner part of which is better done compared to prior versions of the facelift, the richer the equipment but no excessive difference.

2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab City front

Potential buyers should know when it comes to interior guaranteed that they enjoy and that this will not have any problems. Of course the inner part is such that it is a rough interior which means that it comes packed with nasty hard plastic. The advantage is that it is really easy settles.

What will certainly be of interest is the cargo area. That was kind of the essence, the meaning of the existence of such a vehicle. Its dimensions ranging from 1545 with 1515 with 450 mm and it will allow you to transport a large number of items and cargo. What’s a bit like the lack of flooring that is not very well protected. This means that it can be easily damaged when loading a cargo.

2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab City inside

Engine and Performance of 2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab City

Here we will do our best to make you say the driving force including performance and management capabilities that 2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab City has. In particular there is now a word about turbo diesel engine propelled by a 3.0-liter 4-cylinder. All this helped with the automatic transmission of five speeds. Running can be optional on two or four wheels. There is even the possibility to choose between manual or automatic transmissions.

To be aware of that has one very stable vehicle will convince you of some of its features such as power of 171 horsepower, and a swivel torque of 360 Nm from, 4WD drive and flooring which are elevated to the level of 212 mm, solid chassis, the possibility of of inclination of 48 degrees and the entry angle of 30 and the output from 22 degree. These are all the character that has very capable and practical vehicle.

2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab City engine

When it comes to consumption of a division that needs to be done to the city and off-road driving. Maybe even still a little more to add. This way you will avoid disappointment. Spending an average of about 11.4 l/100 km when it comes to mixed drive. Acceleration is 12 seconds per 100km, with a maximum speed of 175km and
acceleration to 100 km.

What’s a bit like the striking fact is that this Toyota Hilux Double Cab City 2015 is mainly used on the road is paved and thus will not take advantage of their true abilities. It can even happen to bring about an increase in the consumption of fuel because of the height and the engine is very large and at higher speeds because of the way that has been created might occur jitter. Should emphasize that this is a combination of passenger and freight vehicles. Therefore, one should be very careful in choosing what you want or think.

2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab City grill

2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab City Price

The price for 2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab City is about $54,290. Of course this should be taken into account and some other features such as accessories, this price can range from one to the other prices. This means only one thing that is certain to cost a lot Hilux increase in price and before he could buy for less money.

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