2015 Volvo FR CNG and 2015 Volvo FE Hybrid

Around a year ago Volvo announced two new FE trucks: 2015 Volvo FR CNG and 2015 Volvo FE Hybrid. CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas and this truck is designed especially for collecting garbage. It also comes in handy for local distribution, when you need to stop the truck very often and restart it again. It saves a lot of fuel comparing to some other trucks in this category. On the other hand, there is 2015 Volvo FE Hybrid, which has some different features than his brother. According to the officials, they were very satisfied with the result once they manufactured this truck. The focus was on reducing CO2 emission and decreasing fuel consumption, while trying to create more reliable vehicle at the same time. Volvo is not famous for popular hybrid cars, but we can say their hybrid technology is currently among the top three. It was thoroughly tested but allegedly not a single problem was found thus we can conclude that the reliability of this truck is on a very high level.

2015 Volvo FR CNG side

2015 Volvo FR CNG and 2015 Volvo FE Hybrid Review

As Volvo FE CNG, this truck can also be used for both distribution and collecting waste. According to the official publication issued by Volvo, half of the sold trucks are used for waste disposal and the other half is used in distributing the goods. Comparing to its predecessor, it uses 15-20 percent less fuel. They are trying to reach 30%, but we hope they can achieve that with the next model. There are several big companies which bought these new trucks, such as Roteb. Roteb is a Dutch recycling company that needs these trucks on everyday basis. They meet all standards related to the environmental protection in most of the countries so they can be used practically everywhere.

2015 Volvo FE Hybrid grille

Even though this truck is new at the market, you can find various impressions of people who use it in their businesses. They frequently mention some advantages of 2015 Volvo FE Hybrid, such as lack of noise and that it uses less fuel than before, up to 30%. Also it can perform as same tasks as all other diesel trucks. Waste disposal industry can gain a lot with these trucks and spare a lot of money. Drivers are thrilled with its performances. They have quite good overview and it is easy to steer it. This truck also got many positive reviews by the pedestrians. It doesn’t make any noise and it is clean so they don’t have anything to complain about.

Parts 218

2015 Volvo FR CNG front


However, developing this hybrid technology wasn’t easy and engineers faced many obstacles. The biggest one was definitely the costs. It is no secret that it was expensive to create this truck with top-notch performances, therefore the price of 2015 Volvo FE Hybrid isn’t cheap. Volvo hopes that customers understand how many endeavors they invested in designing and manufacturing this truck and that they find price quite reasonable. Definitely, it is not the cheapest truck of this kind you can find on the market but when you want to buy a truck for waste disposal or local distribution, than you must take all aspects into consideration. There are less expensive trucks on the market which can be used for these purposes, but neither of them has better performances than 2015 Volvo FE Hybrid. There are no many hybrid trucks on the market due to high expenses of manufacturing them. New 2015 Volvo FE Hybrid is quite unique and you won’t find similar truck out there.
In conclusion, if you own a company that need trucks for distributing good or disposing waste 2015 Volvo FE Hybrid is the perfect choice. Perhaps it is a bit expensive, but it needs less energy than others thus we are sure your investment will pay off.

2015 Volvo FR CNG engine

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