2016 Ford F-750 Hybrid Price and Engine

Ford Motors Company has again lived to its big name by unveiling its soon to be launched 2016 Ford F-750 Hybrid. The medium-duty truck is another addition to the legendary Ford Motors Company best performing trucks that is to be launched in the first quarter 2016 to the lovers of Ford trucks. It has a touch of class and is generally handy for tough work. It is available in cabs of regular, super and crew styles. This medium truck model comes with a restricted warranty of 5 years per 250,000 miles. This truck assembling will be in Ohio, America and will have the following impressive features.

2016 Ford F-750 Hybrid front

Engine of 2016 Ford F-750 Hybrid

The truck comes with a 6.7 litre turbo V-8 power stroke diesel engine that will blow your mind. The creative design of the engine is such that the turbocharger and exhaust close together in the dock, spinning the turbine steadily for power on demand. It has 270 horsepower and a B20 biodiesel capability is also there in addition. The truck’s automatic 6 speed gearbox transmission with Ford TorqShift has no vocational restrictions, is flawless and smooth to its powerful performance engine.

2016 Ford F-750 Hybrid engine

2016 Ford F-750 Hybrid Exterior

The exterior design of the medium-truck is unique with a tilt-forward hood flanked by a new chromed headlamps. It has low wind resistance and optimum fuel economy thanks to its aerodynamic contours combined with low roof height and swept-back windshield. It’s beautiful new mesh grille in black or chromed surround seals the deal to prove its elegance compared to the previous models. This makes the medium truck look tough for the work as well as give the driver a sense of confidence while driving it on the road.

2016 Ford F-750 Hybrid front side


The interior design of 2016 Ford F-750 Hybrid has a supplemental cab heater for steady heat along with an outlet of 110-volt power with air or hydraulic brakes option . Accompanied by an optional power scope is a valuable feature of standard two large mirrors and spotter mirrors with a great telescoping and folding design. This interior puts the drivers at ease and feeling right at home in this next generation medium truck.

2016 Ford F-750 Hybrid interior


The gauges and controls are designed and located to be more user friendly than ever with the steering wheel easier to grip and operate to the drivers advantage when at work. The suspension has longer springs than those installed in current models ensuring a smooth ride plus a new anti-roll bar for enhanced ride quality and stability of the powerful truck. This features create a feel and sense of comfortable quality driving hence an enjoyable working day.

2016 Ford F-750 Hybrid side

Price of F-750

This truck’s low fuel consumption cost and acquisition cost are expected to make it economical. Its environmental friendly engine that makes it emission conscious as well as cost effective. With the powerful ten cylinder engine and luxurious comfort the 2016 Ford F 750 Hybrid medium truck though not confirmed is estimated to cost 60000-70000 US dollars but this truck performance will guarantee you the full value for your money as it gets the tough work done in style. The truck is a combination of power, grace and touch of class and can be considered as a valuable and powerful symbol.

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