2016 Toyota Tacoma Review Redesign and Specs

2016 Toyota Tacoma review redesign, specs… – One of the vehicles was presented in Detroit and that the North American market is really a hit and Up Close and Personal is the Toyota Tacoma 2016. It is difficult to explain why the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer, which operates with high profits, and still most of its products in the American market needs outdated automatic transmission and four-speed manual gearbox of five speeds, at a time when competition has been offering transmission of six, however, seven and nine gears.

A great example of that sentence is the Toyota Tacoma model. This pick-up middle class is not significantly changed in the last ten years, but due to lack of competition is still by far the best selling in the class. But times have changed. In addition to traditional Nissan Frontier in class are now arrived and twin Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Caynon, which forced the Japanese car manufacturer to make the time for Tacoma gets bigger changes.

2016 Toyota Tacoma side

2016 Toyota Tacoma Changes Design

On the design side, 2016 Toyota Tacoma is still based on the model it replaces, but with a big enough change to customer examples of the difference between the two vehicles. Many lines are borrowed from the larger Tundra pickup, including LED headlights, as well as the trailer door. Changes in the interior are much less and except for a few new lines, the interior is mostly already seen in the previous decade.

Exterior photos

2016 Toyota Tacoma front side

2016 Toyota Tacoma rear

As in the past, attracted the most attention terrain TRD version, with details such as aggressive bumpers, 18-inch wheels and modified suspension. While Tacoma received some significant changes in technology and offers still significantly lags behind rivals. This is especially true of twins from General Motors, Colorado and Canyon, which, on paper at least, provide a winning combination. However, Toyota believes in its loyal customers will continue to buy the company’s products, which in the past was not a problem.

2016 Toyota Tacoma interior

Engine of 2016 Toyota Tacoma

When we talk about power engine of 2016 Toyota Tacoma vehicles, then you will most certainly interested in this for the simple reason that it is a vehicle that is primarily intended for towing and heavy field conditions. It’s one of the reasons why the Americans this model is required. For starters, the standard 2.7L I4 engine with 159 horsepower is transferred from the current Tacoma, and a five-speed manual transmission.

2016 Toyota Tacoma engine

But that is not all that bad, Toyota has decided to equip your pickup with a modern 3.5L V6 engine. This engine replaces the previous 4.0L V6 engine, and its power at the time of the writing of this story is not known. Previous 4.0L engine is developing 236 horsepower, but is expected to increase power for about 40-50 horsepower. The V6 engine is paired with a brand new automatic gearbox six-speed manual transmission, while enhanced with the same number of speed is still the standard.

2016 Toyota Tacoma front grill

More information you can find on toyota.

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