2016 Volkswagen Typ 2

One of the most popular vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen and definitely the most popular van, 2016 Volkswagen Typ 2, celebrates its 65th anniversary. Exactly 65 years ago this van hit the road for the first time and since then it has become one the most recognizable vehicles of all time, mainly thanks to hippies. It has several different nicknames, such as Microbus and Camper. At first it had engine that could develop 25 HP and it could carry eight people at most, placed in three rows. The last two rows could be removed so it will easily become transporter, ideal for distribution. It was also very popular for cross-country trips because it was quite comfortable at that time and offered plenty of space for every passenger.

2016 Volkswagen Typ 2 side

Review of  Volkswagen Typ 2 2016

In the 60s demand for this van dramatically increased. Many countries were growing rapidly in economic terms and many youngsters wanted to have the Transporter. The Transporter was very popular on the European market, and especially in the US. It has become one of the symbols of the Hippie period. So far, sales figure reached 11 million, but first two generations were the most popular and in that period most of these vans were sold. However, since its debut in the 50s it has been redesigned and faced numerous upgrades. One of them is the engine – it is hard to believe that 1.1l with 25 horsepower will please anyone nowadays.  Volkswagen Typ 2 2016 is probably the most different considering it comes with electric engine. Perhaps it won’t reach popularity that had its predecessors but new Typ 2 has a plenty of things to offer.

There was a break in production of Typ 2 due to decreasing popularity and Volkswagen focused on some other vehicles. Production stopped first in developed countries and, many years later, in developing countries, as well. In 2013 Brazil, the last which was still manufacturing this van, stopped the production. However, Volkswagen decided to use the name and history of this vehicle and create completely new Typ 2, which if you ask me it looks like a combination of a van and a SUV.

2016 Volkswagen Typ 2 rear

At the first sight you can see huge transformation of Typ 2, and it is obvious there are no many similarities between the first model and new one. One of the biggest differences is the number of the seats. Unlike the previous model, new 2016 Volkswagen Typ 2 will have seats placed in two rows. All previous models had three rows and eight seats but we guess that we a new model Volkswagen decided to leave more space for the cargo. It will be able to accommodate six passengers, three at the front and three at the back. Also, new Typ 2 is generally less spacious but that won’t affect passengers. It is still going to be quite comfortable for the ride with high-quality seats and upholstery. Perhaps, it won’t reach the popularity as it had in the sixties but definitely it will be perfect choice for all those who are planning to travel long distances and don’t have enough money to buy an RV.

2016 Volkswagen Typ 2 rear

It is also important to mention that top-notch technology is used inside and it will be equipped with various gadgets and devices. Everything that has become standard in the last several years will be installed in the new 2016 Volkswagen Typ 2. Therefore you can expect convenient ride without any concerns. There are numerous safety systems and GPS navigation, thus you don’t need to worry wherever you are.

Release Date

All those who were nostalgic about this vehicle now can see it again on the market, in a slightly different edition though. Nevertheless, new 2016 Volkswagen Typ 2 will meet demands of the majority.

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