2016 Volvo FL and Volvo FE

Problem with huge trucks is because it is difficult to handle them in urban areas, especially on streets which are narrow where you must be extra careful if you are behind the wheel. Volvo put a lot of effort and took extra mile in order to make steering in the cities easier and they presented 2016 Volvo FE and Volvo FL. These trucks are result of long-term research and testing. Volvo wanted to create a truck that will provide maximum comfort, first and foremost for a driver, and then to other people in the cabin. They spend hours sometimes even days in the cabin hence it is very important to create a place which will meet their needs. The emphasis was on reducing the noise level inside the cabin because this is usually something all drivers complain about. During tests drivers were pretty satisfied with the noise level, and overall performance of the 2016 Volvo FE and Volvo FL, as well. In order to get the top efficiency everything from steering wheel to vibrations of the mirrors was put to the test. Results were astonishing thus we are proud to present these two trucks in this article.

2016 Volvo FL side

DESIGN of 2016 Volvo FL and Volvo FE

During tests Volvo opted for real drivers, such as Karla Walter. Mr. Walter has been driving a truck for more than 14 years for one company from Switzerland and has a lot of international experience. He found these trucks sensational! The biggest surprise was how it was easy to control them in urban places, especially narrow streets with a lot of traffic. He said it had been pleasure for him to ride 2016 Volvo FE and Volvo FL. Not just they are easily to manage and there is less noise, but they are also more powerful than before and come with a lot of capacity. Of course, Karla Walter wasn’t the only test driver. Volvo wanted to test these trucks thoroughly, both in a city and the open road. They are proud to announce all drivers were satisfied with the performance and Volvo succeeded in meeting their demands.

2016 Volvo FL front side


Many automakers don’t pay enough attention to the noise, especially when it comes to designing trucks. Noise is one of the main factors that cause stress and it should be taken into consideration. Volvo really put a lot of effort in creating trucks which are less noisy and thus more comfortable for the ride. With new Euro 6 engine noise is not a problem in 2016 Volvo FE and Volvo FL. Speeds of this engine are adjusted to the city ride which has never been done before. They also paid attention to the noise caused by steering wheel, seats and mirrors. With reduced noise driver is less tired and more concentrated on the road. Volvo expects that number of truck accidents with these trucks will be considerably lower. One of the things that concerns drivers the most are bumpy roads and how their truck is going to behave on these roads. This engine comes with automatic transmission which was tested on the incline with gradient of 25%.

2016 Volvo FL interior

SPECS of 2016 Volvo FL

New Euro 6 comes with D5 and D8 which will increase overall performance and productivity, as well, thanks to more pound-feet of torque. New Volvo FE and Volvo FL are going to have I-Shift transmission that comes in handy on narrow roads when is better to switch the gears manually. Capacities of the loads of both trucks have been increased for half of ton. Visibility is much better than before and trucks are safer in general. Seats are made of high-quality materials and they are made to provide extra comfort to the driver. All in all, 2016 Volvo FE and 2016 Volvo FL are the high-flyers.

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