2016 VW Amarok specs, price, release date

2016 VW Amarok has intersting specs, price and we we shold seen a release date of car. The Amarok has been on the market for nearly six years now so it might be the right time for VW to give their only truck an update, especially now when most of its competitors received one thus making the Amarok one of the worse choices in the current market. There have been a lot of rumors about the 2016 VW Amarok specs, price, release date and even design and so far the German manufacturer did not say too much about it. However, it seems that the upcoming model will not be an all new truck like some of us expected but rather a mild update of the ongoing model which is set to be kept on the market for at least the next three or four years.

2016 VW Amarok rear

2016 VW Amarok Review Specs

It is safe to assume that the 2016 VW Amarok specs, price, release date and engines might change until it will be officially unveiled. However, we truly believe that the truck will likely be first shown to the public at the start of 2016 while the market availability will start later that year.

The interior design of the new 2016 VW Amarok will likely be the biggest change on the new truck. While the current model still is one of the better trucks out there in terms of comfort and features, the design is getting dated. The new model should feature a new dashboard which could now get a lot of design cues from the new Passat or even from the Golf 7 while the equipment level should be similar. A special edition model though will add Recaro front seats with unique orange stitching as well as a new steering wheel, similar to that on the GTI models, a really nice treat from Volkswagen.

2016 VW Amarok interior

2016 VW Amarok inside

Under the hood – engine powertrain

Under the hood of the new 2016 VW Amarok we should new or at least updated engines. The base model is expected to get the current 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 discontinued in the favor of an Audi sourced 1.8 liter turbocharged mill. This will provide a similar output at nearly 200 horsepower and 210 lb-ft of torque but it should be slightly more fuel efficient and on top of that, the truck will also receive a more usable torque curve thanks to the new engine. This engine will continue to be offered with a 6 speed manual and rear wheel drive as standard while a four wheel drive 4motion system will be offered as an option.

2016 VW Amarok side

The 2 liter turbocharged diesel inline 4 on the other hand will be updated in order to meet the new pollution laws in most countries around the World so it will likely receive a new exhaust system which will be able to handle its emissions better and on top of that, a new turbocharger. These changes could meant that even though the power will stay the same at around 180 hp, it will get more than the current 310 lb-ft of torque and on a wider rev range. This particular engine will only be available with an 8 speed automatic and either rear or four wheel drive.

2016 VW Amarok engine

2016 VW Amarok Price and Release date

Luckily though, this not means that the new truck will not come with new features. It is actually expected to come with a lot of new technologies, a possible new engine as well as with a new exterior which should make it once again one of the top choices in its class. The price of 2016 VW Amarok will not change all that much so it will continue to cost at least the equivalent of $30,000 which is still well over some of its competitors. The top of the range model will start at roughly $50,000 but at this price point it will come with luxury features and car-like performance on the road which is a good exchange.

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