2018 Ford Super Chief Pickup Truck

Since the release of the concept car Ford F-250 Super Chief, the real-deal has been one of the most anticipated pickup trucks. The 2018 Ford Super Chief aggressive and powerful look will surely influence not only pickup truck lovers and enthusiasts, but the common folks, as well. The futuristic style Super Chief is trying to bring to the mainstream market is surely a move for admiration.

We would love to see such bold moves in the regular car department, as well. The all-new 2018 Ford Super Chief Pickup Truck will face off some of the best pickups out there, including the Nissan Titan, GM Sierra and Chevy Silverado, being among them.

2018 Ford Super Chief Pickup Truck rear

Engine and Transmission Specs, Transmission system

The all-new Ford Super Chief won’t just feature a powerful engine under its hood, but years and years of technological advancements in automotive industry, but let’s start at the beginning. The beating hard of the new Super Chief will be a 6.8 liter 30-valve SOHC V10, which is capable of generating up to 550 horsepower, with a maximum output of around 400 pounds-feet of torque.

2018 Ford Super Chief

The top speed is set at 180 mph, which is a remarkable result, given the fact that this model is a pickup truck. As we’ve stated at the beginning, the new Super Chief will bring something entirely new to the industry. It will feature a Tri-Flex fuel system, that allows the car to fully utilize up to three different types of fuel – the gasoline, the E85 ethanol, as well as hydrogen.

It’s been stated that the new model will make considerable savings in terms of fuel consumption, as well as reduce the emission of harmful gases. The car will be able to travel up to 500 miles with one tank, which is a great result. As far as the engine goes, the new model will come with a 6-speed automatic transmission system.

2018 Ford Super Chief Pickup Truck engine

New Interior Design

There is still plenty of time ahead, since the new 2018 Ford Super Chief Pickup Truck is officially presented to the public, so the exact interior facts and details are only left to speculations. Nonetheless, we expect the new model to feature a spacious cabin, able to accommodate up to five passengers. The number of luxury elements will surely vary from trim level to trim level, but they will certainly push the limits further, especially when the pickup world is concerned.

The model will have a standard set of features, such as the LCD display, with infotainment system, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, satellite navigation, powerful and high-quality sound system, air condition system, as well as many safety features, including parking assistance, airbags, hands-free calling feature and many other up-to-date technology, to fully complement the vehicle.

2018 Ford Super Chief Pickup Truck seats

2018 Ford Super Chief Pickup Truck radio

2018 Ford Super Chief Pickup Truck steering wheel

Exterior of 2018 Ford Super Chief Pickup Truck

On the outside, the new Ford Super Chief will be a beast. It will borrow the overall design style from the F-250 Super Chief concept. The vehicle looks like a heavy-duty utility vehicle from the future, capable of smashing through walls and an equal to a tank.

It is hard to distinguish the elements, as the vehicle looks like it’s been made from a single piece of steel. At the front, it will feature a massive chrome radiator grille and a pair of small, rectangular full LED headlights. At the back, the car will feature tail lights in a form of two full width LED stripes, which is a pretty unique and neat element added to the overall look.

2018 Ford Super Chief Pickup Truck rear

2018 Ford Super Chief Pickup Truck off road

2018 Ford Super Chief Pickup Truck front side

2018 Ford Super Chief Pickup Truck – Price

Since the all-new Ford Super Chief will deliver so much to the public, it deserves to be priced accordingly. The starting price point for the bottom tier will be around $60,000 and it will range up to $90,000. Given the technology, time and effort put into it, the model is well worth the price.

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